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ACC Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by Gene Clark, Chairman, at 8:30 AM at the Chimney Hill office in Wilmington, VT, Saturday, July 19, 2014. In attendance were Tom Anderson and Roy Schluter.

Upon a motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously carried it was RESOLVED to accept the June 21, 2014 ACC minutes.


Gene Clark reviewed the letters received this past month for maintenance items that were approved:                                                                                    

# 304 Spruce Grove Road, exterior staining (same color), rear sliding doors to deck replacement (same style).

# 652 Twin Brook Road, siding replacement to front and right side of house, like kind (color to match existing).

# A-143 Three Streams Way, repairs/replacement to damaged siding and replacement of exterior doors.

# B-15 West Road, exterior staining (same color – Cedar Natural Tone).

# B-89 View Road, roof shingle replacement (dark Gray/Black shade).

# B-107 View Road, replacement of some dry rotted siding and sills, like kind.                     

New Business


After review and discussion the committee approved the replacement of three decks; removal of large deck in rear of house and replaced with smaller 12’x 16’ composite deck, replacement of existing 4’x 5’ deck at front entrance with same size deck (composite), replacement of existing 4’x 8’ deck on north side of house with same size deck (composite).

The committee determined that no formal permit or application fee is required as the replacement decks will be the same size or smaller than the existing decks. The committee did recommend that the owner should contact the Town of Wilmington Zoning department to see if a permit is required.

Old Business

All open permits were reviewed:

Upon a motion duly made and seconded it was RESOLVED to issue a Certificate of Compliance to Lot # 27 Overlook Drive, Coleman, for a new deck.

Gene Clark reported that the owners of # 453, Two Wall Way (unsafe structure), have been in contact with Ken Spicer, Executive Director, concerning options for this property. At this time the owners are considering deeding the property back to the Association.

Members’ Concerns, Other Business

Tom Anderson noted that the unregistered truck was still located at # 414 Upper Dam Road after it was required that this vehicle be removed from the property. Gene Clark will ask Ken Spicer to again address this issue with the owner.

Next Meeting Date

August 23, 2014, 8:30 AM at the office.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Roy Schluter, Secretary Pro Tem

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