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Blog :: 08-2012

At Long Lederhosen, Oktoberfest is Returning to Mount Snow

Time for a little word association. Ready? Here we go.

Lederhosen. Polish buffet. Beer. Keg toss. Crafts. Polka music. If any, or all, of those made you think Oktoberfest at Mount Snow, you're absolutely right. If not, then the answer to the next question should be a no-brainer. Where are you going to be on Oktober 6-7, 2012? Oktoberfest at Mount Snow. Very good.

Come hungry, and thirsty, because after 14 years of hosting Oktoberfest, Mount Snow knows how to throw one heck of a "Feier"... that's German for celebration. For their 15th annual fall festival the base area will be packed with family-friendly Aktivitäten... you guessed it, activities. (Look at you speaking German all of a sudden.) That's right, just because there will dozens of craft beer vendors sampling their seasonal nectars, doesn't mean the kiddies can't join in the fun.

Children's activities include a variety of arts and crafts, pumpkin painting, face painting, a hay pile, and the new favorite "schnitzel toss."  Adult activities will, of course, include sipping on locally and regionally brewed Oktoberfest ales, the keg-toss challenge, horseshoe tournament and stein holding competition. A favorite festival event that be returning is The Apple Sling Shot along with the new event known as the one man saw. Everyone can enjoy delectable German-inspired foods like brats, schnitzels, wursts and plenty of sauerkraut, and dance to live polka music that will fill the village air.

Want to get a different perspective on the Oktoberfest festival? Take a scenic lift ride to the summit to enjoy a birds-eye-view of the breathtaking fall foliage the Mount Snow Valley has to offer. Back at the base, over 40 artisans and craftsmen from across New England will have fine hand-crafted furniture, art and more to browse and purchase if you desire.

Once you've had your fill of Oktoberfest (ale, food, music or atmosphere), retire to one of our vacation rentals, hang up your "dirndl" and slip off to dream land.


  1. Juan on

    hi! im in karlsruhe for the year as an au pair as well and I just got here a liltte over a week ago. its been kinda lonely and boring so far. does it get better? right now im trying to take things in short goals, like in 2 months ill see how I feel and if I'll want to go back home to chicago. what are your thoughts? did you ever feel like you werent going to survive a WHOLE YEAR? ahhh its so daunting.

    Pumpkin Festivals Let Their Light Shine

    New England would be remiss if it didn't celebrate the arrival of fall. Fall festivals, jaw-dropping foliage colors and apple cider are just a few of the well-known ways we mark the change in seasons. But where would fall be without its iconic harvest crop -- the pumpkin? Imagine Thanksgiving Day without pumpkin pie or Halloween without jack-o-lanterns. It just wouldn't be right. That's where the annual Keene Pumpkin Festival comes in.

    The Keene Pumpkin Festival is an internationally-known fall festival that honors the beloved orange orb with the most impressive collection of carvings you've ever seen. People flock from miles, states and even countries away to witness, and contribute to, one of the nation's largest pumpkin collections. For over twenty years, pumpkin festival lovers have gathered in downtown Keene, New Hampshire to combine their finely carved jack-o-laterns in the ultimate fall celebration.

    The Keene Pumpkin Festival even held the Guiness World Record for the Most Lit Jack-O'-Lanterns Displayed. Its record of 28,000 pumpkins was later broken by a fall festival in Boston, Massachusetts that tallied 30,128 jack-o-lanterns. That's a lot of hours carving faces and scooping out seeds. So now there's even more reason to visit the Keene Pumpkin Festival and help to reclaim the world record. (Just don't forget your pumpkin.)

    WHERE: Downtown Keene, New Hampshire WHEN:  October 20, 2012, Noon-8:30pm

    Not only is the Keene Pumpkin Festival a popular local tradition, but it's one of those great family-friendly activities to do with kids. Kids (of all ages) can preview their Halloween outfits during the children's costume parade and enjoy fun activities like the 45-foot ferris wheel, pumpkin carving and even pumpkin bowling. Food vendors offer a wide selection of lunch items and pumpkin-inspired treats. Come early to join the one-mile foot race, enjoy a mid-day picnic in the pumpkin-lined common and stay to see the tower of pumpkins lit up after dark.

    Carving pumpkins can be tiring, luckily we've got lots of short-term rentals just under an hour from the festival grounds. With any luck, this will be the year they smash (pun intended) the World Record again and you'll get to be a part of the historical moment.

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