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Blog :: 10-2013

Make a Vermont Thanksgiving with Great Local Foods

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Thanksgiving is a time for family, fun, and most of all, food. You might not know it, but one of the best places to have your Thanksgiving vacation is right here in southern Vermont. To make sure that you're having the best time - and feast - possible, we've put together a short guide to creating a fantastic Vermont-inspired Thanksgiving dinner.

Part One: The Turkey

Vermont TurkeyThe turkey isn the centerpiece of every traditional Thanksgiving meal, and there's probably no other food so associated with this holiday. For some of the best turkeys around, try a bird from Adams Family Farm. All of their animals are born and raised at the farm in sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly conditions, meaning you get a great meal without a guilty conscience. The only turkey that's more environmentally-conscious than these is one made of tofu.

Part Two: The Sides

No Thanksgiving dinner would be complete without an array of side dishes, from roasted potatoes to green bean casserole to fresh corn on the cob. And luckily, all this and more can be found at one of Vermont's fantastic farmers' markets. Or if you want something a bit more unique, you can try Gilfeather Turnips, an heirloom vegetable grown just a few miles from us in Wardsboro, Vermont.

Part Three: Dessert

Pies, and pies of all kinds, are a must at any Thanksgiving table. Pie pumpkins are readily available at Vermont markets for the classic Thanksgiving dessert, and you can make a truly distinctive apple pie with some of Vermont's famous heirloom apples, available at several different nearby orchards. These apples have unique flavors and textures that will put a new twist on this classic dessert favorite.Vermont heirloom apple pie

Part Four: The Drinks

Along with heirloom apples, you can get some amazing Vermont apple cider at many orchards and farmers' markets in the region. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous (and you aren't driving later on), try some locally-grown wine from a nearby Vermont vineyard, such as those from Honora Winery just south of Wilmington, or beer from one of Vermont's famed craft breweries. Whatever you choose to toast the season, you'll find that it pairs well with the meal.

Along with all of this food, you'll need someplace to cook, feast, and get together with friends and family. Why not make it one of our comfortable and spacious Vermont rental properties, just outside of Mount Snow? You'll have plenty of room for all the food in your kitchen - even if you don't have room in your belly.


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    Celebrate Christmas Right with a Vermont Vacation

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    It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... and that means it's the perfect time to start planning a Christmas vacation. If you're pondering where to celebrate your holidays, you should take a look at a stay here in southern Vermont.

    Christmas in VermontWhat makes Vermont the perfect place for a Christmas vacation? There's no way we could list everything, but we'll give you the short list:

    Perfect Christmas Weather - If you've been dreaming of a white Christmas, we've got you covered. Vermont is known for its winter snows and chilly nights - giving you an ideal excuse to curl up by the fireplace or relax in comfy pajamas.

    Authentic Christmas Trees - Vermont's tall, stately pines make for beautiful forests, and they also make ideal Christmas trees. You can find many local tree farms that will be happy to provide you with a sustainably-grown tree. Most have several varieties available, including Douglas and Frasier Firs and the iconic Blue Spruce.

    An Awesome Christmas Dinner - We talked recently about how you can create a delicious Vermont-inspired Thanksgiving dinner from locally-sourced foods. Well, almost all of these farms and markets are open all season long, which means that you can still get in on the turkey, apple pie and locally grown dishes if you missed it in November.

    Plenty of Presents - If you're like us, you're likely to have lots of Christmas shopping to do right up until the holiday itself. But if you swing by one of the region's many shopping outlets and local shops, you'll find gifts for the whole family at prices that won't give you any New Year's blues.

    Post-Christmas Fun - Once the big day is over, the good times go on. There are tons of things to do in southern Vermont, including skiing at the famous Mount Snow, just a few minutes away from Wilmington. Many Vermont ski resorts are open on Christmas Day as well, a perfect way to get out and enjoy that White Christmas.

    Vermont downhill skiing

    This is only the beginning of what makes Christmas in Vermont such a great way to spend the holiday. You can even make it extra-comfortable by staying in one of our deluxe southern Vermont rental properties. All you have to do is bring your family and friends, along with a sense of adventure and fun, and we know you'll have the best Christmas ever.

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