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Blog :: 06-2014

Where to See Summer Concerts in Vermont

Vermont's greenery and mountain air make it an ideal host for summer festivals where like-minded folks can gather to learn from each other and share their talents. Musicians are no exception, and there's no better place than southern Vermont to catch them trading solos, weaving harmonies, and wowing audiences of all ages.

If you're thinking music plus mountains equals banjo and that's not exactly your taste, think again. Summer concerts in Vermont cover all styles of music, from orchestral to jazz to jam bands and everything in between. Of course, there's still plenty of bluegrass to be found for the clawhammer connoisseurs among us.

Summer Concert at Marlboro Music

Summer Concerts for the Classically-Inclined

Just twenty minutes from Wilmington, almost a hundred extremely-talented musicians spend most of their summer rehearsing intensely during Marlboro Music at Marlboro College (pictured above). They collaborate to form highly-polished chamber ensembles, and after three weeks of rehearsals, give public performances at the college's Pearson Hall. Tickets to their concerts sell quickly because Vermont locals know this is a place for truly top-notch music. Arranged in string quartets, piano trios, small woodwind ensembles, and more, Marlboro Music's summer students bring city-quality musicianship to an intimate southern Vermont setting.

VT Summer Concerts -- Bennington Chamber Music ConferenceBennington's annual Chamber Music Conference also draws student instrumentalists from across the country for week-long workshops at Bennington College. Meanwhile, the faculty give concerts weekly in the summer, performing chamber music from the Classical period to the present. This award-winning performance series is free and open to the public.


A Little Bit Louder Now

As it turns out, ski resorts make great summer concert venues. A weekend concert series at Stratton Mountain Resort are packed with great bands and fun activities for the whole family. Evening barbecue specials and music down in the village give way to searing jams from favorite bands like Twiddle at the base of the lifts in the evening.

Located in Brattleboro, the Vermont Jazz Center provides workshops, educational opportunities, and, you guessed it, summer concerts. If you can't survive too far from tapped hi-hats and upbeat brass, be sure to check out their lineup of performers which often features famous jazz musicians.

For a musician, it's a rare treat not to have to travel a long distance right after a show. For a summer concert goer, that kind of convenience is a must. Luckily, all of these great Vermont music experiences are located within easy driving distance of beautiful vacation rental homes at Chimney Hill.

Vermont Mountain Bike Trails for Every Rider

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Vermont's mountains are one of the state's best features. They are tall, imposing, and virtually everywhere. During the winter it's easy to experience the beautiful views and thrilling descents on one of Vermont's many downhill ski slopes, but in the summer the best way to get a thrill on Vermont's fantastic slopes is on its mountain bike trails.

Mountain biking in Vermont is increasingly popular, with many parks and ski slopes offering trails specifically for cyclists. Whether you're new to the sport or you're a seasoned downhill expert, there's a perfect mountain biking trail in Vermont for you.

Beginner and Intermediate Trails

bicycles in fieldIf you don't have much mountain biking experience or you simply want a relaxing, fun trail to enjoy with your family, you could certainly do worse than the Harriman Reservoir rail-to-trail. Built on the bed of a former railroad track, this 15.5-mile trail runs beside the Harriman Reservoir, a dammed section of the Deerfield River just outside Wilmington. The ride is perfect for beginners and families, as the wide, gently-sloping trail has few challenging parts. For more experienced riders, there is also a more difficult single track side trail with some steep climbs and quick descents.

Another good mountain bike trail for less-experienced riders is the West River Trail, another multi-use track built along the course of a one-time railroad. Running between Brattleboro and Londonderry, Vermont, this trail is a good place for learners to practice their mountain biking skills without risk. The trail is divided into two sections, appropriately called the Upper and Lower sections. The Upper section is 16 miles long and runs from Londonderry to near East Jamaica, while the newer Lower section runs north from Brattleboro. Both parts of the trail are relatively level and make for easy riding appropriate for any skill level.

Advanced Trails

Mountain-bike-jumpFor those of you who already know your way around a mountain bike trail, these more advanced mountain biking trails are sure to thrill and excite. One excellent option is the Ascutney Trail network in West Windsor, VT. These trails run through and alongside what used to be ski trails of the now closed Ascutney Mountain Resort. Now, they make up one of the most varied and exciting mountain bike trail networks in Vermont. All except three of the trails are designed to be climbable, so there are a huge number of possible combinations for both intermediate and more advanced riders. Horses can be found on the wider trails, but the singletrack is reserved for bikers, hikers, and runners.

Seasoned mountain biking enthusiasts will also want to check out the lift-served mountain biking at Mount Snow for downhill excitement. This ski-resort-turned-summertime-biking-paradise offers some of the best riding in the Northeast, including Trail 7, the only introductory-level downhill trail in the eastern United States. New downhill riders can get accustomed to their bikes and their skills here; there is even an education program available to teach the basics of downhill riding including position, braking, and proper gear. Riders of any skill level can also rent equipment at Mount Snow, including helmets, body suits, and (of course) mountain bikes.

When you're done on the trails for the day, you'll need a place to crash and spread out. Take a look at these Vermont summer rental homes. You'll have tons of room for all your gear, you get all the perks and comforts of home, and you'll be better rested for another day on the trails.


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