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Five Facts to Know About the Vermont Blueberry Festival

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Summer in Vermont means different things to different people. Some see it as the perfect time to get outside for hiking, mountain biking, or just seeing the sights. However, to others (especially those in Wilmington), summer in Vermont means just one thing: blueberries. For those folks, the Vermont Blueberry Festival is the biggest event of the year.

Vermont Blueberry Festival

We love the Vermont Blueberry Festival, and we'd love to see you and all your friends there. To convince you to come, we've put together some of the most essential facts you need to know about this once-a-year treat.

1. What Is the Vermont Blueberry Festival?

So, it's a festival about blueberries? Well, yes, but it's also so much more. The Vermont Blueberry Festival combines tons of great activities and summer fun under one banner, making it easy to get a whole summer's worth of activity in just a few days. It was originally started through the efforts of Janet Boyd of Boyd Family Farm in Wilmington, in combination with the Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce. Now, it's one of the Top 10 summer events in the whole state, and the neighboring towns and businesses share the blueberry festival spirit - "getting the blues" is a good thing.

2. What Can I Do There?

We hate to sound cliché, but a better question might be, "What can't I do there?" Over its ten-day runtime, the Vermont Blueberry Festival packs tons of activities and events into each day. A glance at the event calendar on the official website will give you an idea of how much is going on. In case all of those events overwhelm you, some of the highlights are:

- Blueberry Jell-O slip-and-slide - The Blueberry Festival parade - A blueberry river tube float - The Wilmington Village blueberry scavenger hunt - Saturday night's blueberry block party

These are only a few of the literally dozens of events planned over the festival's span. Visitors of every age and disposition will find something to enjoy, from hikes and nature walks to local breweries and beer tents to live music to an arts-and-crafts market.

3. Where Do They Get All The Blueberries?

As you can imagine, a ten-day blueberry festival consumes quite a lot of the tiny blue treats. That's where the partnership with the Boyd Family Farm becomes so important. Since the 1970's, the Boyd farm has been growing blueberries for the community. They presently have more than 500 highbush blueberry bushes on their farm, along with an apple orchard, raspberry bushes, a plant nursery, and honeybee colonies. All told, this is the perfect place to visit if you have a hankering for some fresh-picked fruits and veggies. You can also pick your own blueberries on one of their tours!

4. What Do They Do With All Those Berries?

Vermont Blueberry Festival TourIn short, they make more things out of them than you ever thought you could make out of blueberries.Luckily, the sheer variety of blueberry recipes you'll see here will prevent you from getting tired of them. You'll be able to enjoy a blueberry pancake breakfast one day, try a blueberries paired with cheddar and wine the next, then hit up the mid-day BBQ and Polish blueberry buffet to round things out. Then, grab some "berrylicious" treats at one of the market vendors, or make your own blueberry sundae. And we already mentioned the Jell-O: gallons and gallons of blueberry gelatin that makes the biggest, bluest, and most fun slip-and-slide you've ever seen.

5. Where Should I Stay?

Whether you're planning to come for the whole ten days or just for a few, you'll surely want someplace comfortable and convenient. After all, you'll probably be so full of blueberries at the end of the day that people might think you were an extra in Willy Wonka. That's why we suggest you roll on over to Chimney Hill, where you can get a spacious and comfortable short-term Vermont rental home for your stay.

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