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Blog :: 11-2014

Best Ski Morning Breakfasts in the Mount Snow Valley

Getting ready to hit the slopes requires more than just a warm coat and good skis. You need to be physically ready, too, and a big part of that is having a good breakfast to fuel up. If you’re like us, you know it’s far easier to grab something fast and filling rather than spending hours cooking and cleaning before you can get to the slopes. Here are some of our breakfast restaurants in the Mount Snow Valley area. 

Dot’s of Wilmington

Dot's Restaurant - Wilmington VT BreakfastGourmet Magazine calls Dot’s in Wilmington a national treasure, and the restaurant has been featured in Ski, Skiing, and Vermont Life — with good reason. Dot’s is an absolute must-stop for southern Vermont breakfast. If you’re in the mood for some serious food, the pancakes, waffles, and French toast are guaranteed to delight. For a quicker stop, they also have a selection of fresh-baked muffins and other pastries. No matter your Vermont breakfast needs, Dot’s is an institution. You owe it to yourself to find out why.

Dot’s Diner of Dover

Two restaurants named Dot’s? We’re not entirely sure how it happened either – maybe the name “Dot’s” is just a signal for great breakfast food. Whatever the reason, Dot’s Diner in Dover is a separate entity from Dot’s of Wilmington, and offers its own take on delicious breakfast food. Be sure to try the house specialty Cajun Skillet while you’re inside, or fill up on some of their huge, fluffy pancakes. Just remember to get there early if you want to be out fast — this is a busy place.

southern Vermont breakfast stop - Dot's Diner Dover VT

Sticky Fingers Bakery

No time to sit down and linger over pancakes and coffee? We get you – and so does Sticky Fingers Bakery in West Dover. Famous sticky buns, delicious danishes, incredible croissants – the list of scrumptious pastries goes on and on. Sticky Fingers will also bake you a cake to help you celebrate any event that needs celebrating, and they’ll also serve up some tasty ice cream alongside. The owners warn that they can sell out of popular goods during the busy season, so if you have a big group of skiers you may want to call ahead.

Market Fresh Café at Mount Snow

Oops – you got the entire way to the mountain and just realized you forgot to eat. What now? Simple – stop by the Market Fresh Café at Mount Snow to grab a quick bite before skiing out. Simple, straightforward breakfast and lunch fare is the name of the game here, including egg sandwiches, French toast, burgers, and a full salad bar. Be sure to look out for specials during holiday weekends and events. Also, don’t be surprised if it’s busy – you probably aren’t the only one who forgot to eat.

Vermont Breakfast - Pancakes

Your Vermont Rental Home Kitchen

All of these options are great for the days you’re up early and raring to go, but what about that one day in every ski trip when you just want to lay around in your thermal gear sipping hot coffee and watching the snow come down? No worries – when you stay at a Vermont winter rental home, you’ll have a full kitchen at your disposal so you can whip up whatever your heart desires.

Five Tips to Consider When Choosing Vermont Vacation Rentals

There's a lot to consider when planning a vacation, and with so many Vermont lodging options available, it can be tough to keep track and make a decision. Some places are more suited to couples while others have room for the whole family. It's important to know what's included with different Vermont vacation rentals — these five tips can help you make effective comparisons. 

Tip #1: Factor in the Length of Your Stay

Vermont Rental Home Kitchen

Most Vermont rental homes are privately owned, so they have their own unique charm. You'll see more variation in parameters like the minimum stay length compared to hotel rooms. Some owners work on a short-term rental schedule, so their homes are available for weekend trips, while others prefer to rent for months or more at a time. If you can find a Vermont vacation home whose rental schedule matches your vacation schedule, you'll get the most for your money and enjoy the most convenience. For example, if you plan on visiting Vermont all four weekends in January, with one full-week vacation in the middle, it can be cheaper (and exponentially more convenient) to rent one home for the entire month than to check in and check out of different Vermont lodging arrangements each visit. 

Tip #2: Know What’s Included

You've got enough to pack without throwing in extra stuff because you're not sure it's included. It's worth confirming ahead of time whether you'll need things like towels, sheets, or DVDs for the kids. Logistical issues like garbage day and snow removal are easy to overlook in the planning stages but they're important as anything when you're actually there. When you’re getting ready to rent a Vermont vacation rental house or condo, check with the owner or the rental agency to find out what amenities and services included and what you’ll need to bring or do yourself.  

Vermont Vacation Rental Snow Removal

Tip #3: Learn How to Get Around and Where to Park

If you’re staying in a privately owned home or a rental house in a neighborhood, be sure to pinpoint its location in relation to ski resorts, restaurants, museums, and other attractions you're planning to visit. Sure, we're well into the age of the GPS, but you never know what kind of reception you'll have in the mountains. Consider a couple of different travel routes. Snowfall predictions are still an inexact science, and what's good for the slopes can be treacherous for travel. It's important to scout parking, too — you'd be surprised at how many places charge for parking on top of their overall rate. 

Tip #4: Know What to Leave Behind

Many of us prefer the privacy that comes with renting a home instead of a hotel room — it's one sure way to avoid a knock from housekeeping at 7am. And 7:07am, and 7:26am. With no regular service, though, most homeowners will expect some courtesy upon checkout, and it's important to understand those expectations going in. Find out in advance what kinds of deposits and cleaning fees are required, if any. You might be asked to leave behind clean dishes and swept floors, or these services might be covered. 

Tip #5: Hotel-Style vs. Private Rentals

Vermont Vacation Rentals MapIf you want a true home-away-from-home experience, a privately owned Vermont vacation rental is your best bet. Privately owned homes are just that – someone’s home that they rent out when they aren’t using it themselves. This way, you get access to a host of amenities most hotels won’t have, such as full kitchens, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, personalized decorations, and extra features like DVD collections and wood-burning fireplaces. 

Hotel-style lodging can be convenient, but it's generally more expensive per square foot and includes limited amenities. Daily housekeeping services are a plus, but these types of rentals become less and less worthwhile the longer you stay. 

At Chimney Hill, we work with homeowners to ensure that each Vermont vacation rental home includes services like snow removal and uses a convenient process for check-in and check-out, while retaining its own unique character and charm. Located right in Wilmington, we're minutes away from Mount Snow, and guests have access to a skating rink, outdoor pool, hiking trails, and our newly renovated clubhouse. 

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