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Blog :: 01-2015

What to Know Before Taking the Kids Skiing

The success of a family ski trip is riding on a lot more than snow, and keeping the kids happy is key. Certain factors exist beyond our control: air temperature, natural precipitation, and random tantrums are a few bumps in the road we can't avoid. Fortunately, there are a number of factors we can control that bring new levels of fun to a day skiing with the kids. If you haven't skied in a while or you're thinking of a first family trip, add these tips to your ski trip checklist.

Taking the Kids Skiing

Sign the Kids Up for Lessons 

Getting the kids into a lesson group is by far the greatest investment you can make toward having fun on the mountain. It's not a reflection of your own skiing ability -- professional ski instructors are trained to get kids to listen, have fun, and ski away with improvements that keep them safe, happy, and loving the snow. It's their job, so you get to enjoy more of your vacation. Morning lessons give adults the chance to go make some turns on their own, then meet up and ski as a family for the afternoon. You might be surprised at how affordable lesson programs can be, too. Kids as young as three can get started at the Mount Snow Ski School, with lift tickets, lunch, and other activities included in lesson rates. 

Use the Right Equipment  

We know you did just fine on your straight skis back in 1985, but ski technology has gone through a couple of major revolutions since then. When you skip buying gear at the neighborhood garage sale, you're avoiding nasty yard sales on the slopes. Depending on your needs, you can rent ski equipment for just a day or the whole season, or buy kids' gear outright. Make sure boots fit snugly without cutting off circulation or causing serious discomfort -- some kids might not realize that ski boots need to fit tighter than their sneakers. 

Choose Terrain Wisely 

Mount Snow Ski SchoolSkiing's familiar system for rating trail difficulty (green circle, blue square, black diamond), actually varies from mountain to mountain. You can't really go wrong with green circles, but there's some overlap as you get into more advanced terrain: a lot of skiers might feel like a difficult blue square at one mountain skis more like an easier black diamond at another. We're all constantly advancing our ski skills and looking to conquer new terrain, but it's important to remember to ski within our ability level. Kids are especially prone to skiing too fast, which becomes problematic when they don't have the technical ability to turn, slow down, or stop to avoid obstacles and other skiers. Glades and trails with moguls are an exciting challenge, but it's important to have a solid foundation maing parallel turns on steep terrain before giving them a try.

Find Lift Ticket Deals

If the kids have their way, you can rack up more hot chocolate breaks and photo ops than lift rides by the end of the day. That's just one extra reason not to pay full price for your tickets. Buy tickets online in advance and keep an eye out for upcoming Mount Snow deals

Stay Somewhere Comfortable 

When you have a cozy, comfortable place to stay, everything on the mountain goes smoother. Kids love having their own rooms, and it's always a plus when your southern Vermont rental home comes with access to a clubhouse, game room, skating rink, and indoor and outdoor pool. 


Find a Fresh Pour at New Vermont Breweries

Quick – think of a product that exemplifies Vermont. For many people, that product is maple syrup. While we can’t fault anyone for answering that way, there’s another liquid that Vermont might be even better at, a challenger to the throne of syrup supremacy. That’s right, we’re talking about craft beer.

Whetstone Station Vermont Brewery

Craft beer in Vermont isn't ust a hobby. For many, it’s a full-blown obsession. Vermont currently has more than 40 operating breweries and brewpubs, giving it the most breweries per capita of any state in the U.S. Furthermore, some of the country’s most popular and sought-after microbrews come from the Green Mountain State, including the famed Magic Hat #9 and the Alchemist Brewery's legendary Heady Topper. These breweries are only the tip of the iceberg, thou when it comes to Vermont craft beer. Be sure to add these new and notable Vermont breweries to your tab the next time you visit. 

Whetstone Station

Whetstone Station VermontIt might look like a restaurant, but don’t be fooled – Whetstone Station is about as micro as a microbrewery can get. Along with their delicious food and outdoor biergarten, the restaurant operates an “experimental nano-brewery” that only produces about six kegs worth of beer at any one time. These brews are totally unique – so unique, in fact, that they even publish the recipes on their website so you can tell what’s going on in your mouth as you drink. They're not worried about the competition stealing them, because they'll never make the same beer twice, anyway. 

Hermit Thrush Brewery

Hermit Thrush Brewery, Brattleboro's newest puts its tagline, “Belgian Inspired Ales, Brewed Responsibly.” to good use. The brewers use a combination of oldschool techniques and green technologies to produce top-quality Belgian-style beers with a contemporary twist and minimal environmental impact. Visitors to Hermit Thrush Brewery can take a tour, enjoy beer tasting flights, or fill a growler to take home with them with their choice of beer. Currently they have about nine varieties on tap, but they change their brews frequently so be sure to check ahead if you’re looking for something in particular.

Hop 'n Moose

Another brewery-slash-restaurant, Rutland’s Hop ‘n Moose combines great locally produced foods with even better locally produced beers. Enjoy a flight of house beers alongside a platter of delicious Vermont cheeses, or enjoy a sandwich or wood-fired pizza alongside a pint of your favorite brew. Hop ‘n Moose also features live music acts many evenings, and 32 and 64-ounce growlers for sale with your choice of beer inside. Either way you’ll enjoy some great unique craft beer and some tasty treats.

Hop 'n Moose Brewery Rutland VT

Pizzapalooza Micropub

Okay, so this one isn’t technically a brewery, but if you’re a craft beer fan you’ll want to check it out anyway. Pizzapalooza serves a combination of local craft beers and Vermont brewery favorites, making this the perfect one-stop-shop for your Vermont craft beer search. You’ll find some of the most famous and desired Vermont beers for sale in this Wilmington pizzeria, meaning you won’t have to drive across the entire state just to try another great beer.

No matter where your Vermont brewery tour takes you, a Wilmington Vermont rental home makes a great last stop to relax and unscrew a fresh growler. Happy sampling! 


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