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Blog :: 04-2015

Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Southern Vermont

Though the state is famous for its maple syrup, Vermont does another sweet treat just as well: ice cream. Vermont ice cream makes car rides shorter and hot days cooler, with scoop shops and creemee stands flanking the edges of nearly every town. No two of these five favorite stops are quite alike — you'll have to visit all five to get a taste of the different varieties and flavors of ice cream Vermont has to offer. 

Southern Vermont Ice Cream - The Creemee Stand

Photo: The Creemee Stand

The Creemee Stand

If you want to try Vermont ice cream that is totally unique, you need to stop by the Creemee Stand on Route 100 outside Wilmington. Though you might know it as soft-serve, a Vermont creemee is a unique treat that delights locals and visitors alike. For the authentic Vermont experience, try a maple creemee, made with Vermont maple syrup from Wilmington-area sugar houses.

Wahoo’s Eatery 

A true local favorite, Wahoo’s is an old-school burger grill with a great menu and classic flair. During the summer you’ll find Wahoo’s busy and bustling with diners enjoying their fresh burgers and their delicious homemade ice cream. A wide array of options, including the possibility of getting your ice cream sandwiched between homemade chocolate chip cookies, means you’ll be able to go back again and again without running out of new treats to try.

Chelsea Royal Diner

Chelsea Royal Diner Southern Vermont Ice CreamNot satisfied with ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or coffee bean? Why not try the Toasted Coconut, Maple Latte, or Green Monster at the Chelsea Royal Diner outside Wilmington? This high-end homestyle diner makes its own ice cream with locally produced milk and cream, and they feature dozens of flavors to choose from, including seasonal specials you won’t get anywhere else. 

Hogback Mountain Gift Shop

For ice cream in a truly classic Vermont setting, make a stop at the Hogback Mountain Gift Shop. Along with genuine Vermont ice cream, you can get plenty of other products and gifts such as authentic Vermont maple syrup, local cheeses and honey, and maple candies and treats. You can even top your ice cream with maple drizzle. And as nice as the shop itself is, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous views from the Hogback Scenic Overlook even more.

Blueberry Haus

Though it started as a pick-your-own blueberry farm, the Blueberry Haus just outside Guilford is a great place to get some delicious Vermont ice cream as well. The quaint little farm is a great way to while away an afternoon with the family, and you can also find quality Vermont produce such as sweet corn and vegetables in the new building next to the ice cream stand.
Vermont ice cream is just one reason to check out the Green Mountain State in the warmer months — it's the perfect topping for a day of hiking, mountain biking, or just enjoying the scenery around your southern Vermont rental home. Here's to a tasty summer!


  1. David Ackert on

    And for those of you who may want/need a dairy-free, nut-free or all-natural local frozen treat, there's Fruple Ice (Fruple = Fruit + Maple). Made by your's truly, a Chimney Hill homeowner, Fruple Ice contains organic fruit, pure VT maple syrup (from East Dover!), and water - that's it! Each 4 oz ready-to-eat cup of Fruple Ice has only 40 calories, 10g of sugar and contains potassium, calcium and 54 antioxidants...and comes with a wooden spoon under the lid. A refreshing treat you can feel good about eating, and feel good after eating! You can get Fruple Ice at Pizza Palooza's ice cream window, River Valley Market, Northstar Bowl, the Food Co-op or VT Country Deli/Market in Brattleboro...to name a few! See a list of all retailers at www.frupleice.com. Enjoy!

    Where to See Vermont Wildflowers and Spring Plants

    Vermont is famous for its beautiful fall foliage, but to those in the know, spring in Vermont is just as beautiful. The spring wildflowers of Vermont make the state a joy to walk and explore – that is, if you know where to find them. Fortunately there are lots of places to see Vermont wildflowers and spring plants in southern Vermont, so read on to see what you can find.

    Vermont Wildflowers - Red Trillium

    Vermont Flowers to Look For

    Here are a few of our favorite native Vermont wildflower species that bloom in the spring:

    ·      Trillium – Several varieties of wild trillium grow in Vermont, including Great White Trillium and Western Wake Robin. These fragile flowers grow in forests and stony areas, and during their short bloom times they are always a sight to behold. However, Vermont wildflower lovers should be careful to never pick trillium flowers, since doing so can damage the plant and prevent it from growing new blossoms next season.

    ·      Jack-In-The-Pulpit – These striking green and brown striped flowers are also known as Brown Dragons or, less flatteringly, Bog Onions. They’re often found in moist and shady areas such as forest floors and thickets. This is another flower that you should take a look-but-don’t-touch approach with. Parts of it are toxic to humans and animals if ingested.

    ·      Coltsfoot – These small yellow flowers resemble dandelions at first glance, but they are actually members of the sunflower family. Coltsfoot flowers are easy to spot since they grow in clusters and have no apparent leaves. Keep an eye out for them along roadsides and beside trails.

    ·      Trout-Lilies – This family of flowers includes a variety of different-colored lilies, ranging from white to pink and purple to striking yellow. Most trout-lily plants grow around 6 inches tall and can be found in partial sun or shady areas, and they usually grow in large groups rather than alone.

    Vermont Fiddleheads ·      Fiddleheads – Though they aren’t a flower, fiddleheads are perhaps Vermont’s most famous spring plant. These coiled baby ferns are prized for their culinary uses, but they’re also plenty nice to admire as they grow. Look for them in moist, shady areas or places with lots of other fern growth.

    These are only a few of the species of wildflower you’ll find in Vermont. For a more extensive list that can help you identify all the flowers you’ll find, take a look at Wildflowerinformation.org. You can search by the flower’s characteristics to find exactly what you’re looking for, or search by zone (Vermont is Zone 5) to see all the flowers you might encounter.


    Where to Find Vermont Wildflowers

    There’s no one place to search for wildflowers in Vermont – they grow almost everywhere in one form or another. However, that doesn’t mean some places aren’t better than others when it comes to finding flowers. Here are a few good places to start:

    Molly Stark State Park – This local state park and conservation area features plenty of shady forest and a number of of easy-to-access hiking trails that are perfect for wildflower searches.

    Dover Town Forest – Just north of Dover you’ll find the Dover Town Forest, a great place to search for many of the native wildflowers in southern Vermont. A number of paved and natural trails weave around these woods, making them easy to move around and great for all ages.

    Woodford State Park – Just west of Wilmington, Woodford State Park features a higher elevation and cooler, shadier climate that lets flowers bloom a little later in the season. It also has several well-maintained hiking trails that make it simple to traverse the otherwise-heavy woods.

    Searching for Vermont wildflowers is a great way to experience the natural beauty and environment of our lovely state. Another way is to rent a southern Vermont rental home and stay in comfort and style while you explore all that Vermont has to offer. 

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