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Blog :: 07-2015

5 Historic Covered Bridges in Vermont You Can Visit

Covered bridges in Vermont connect the Green Mountain State's history to its scenery, creating one of New England's most iconic images. Vermont is home to more authentic covered bridges than anywhere else in the United States, and many of them are designated historical monuments. Explore these fascinating structures by visiting them firsthand during your next trip to southern Vermont.

Covered Bridges in Vermont

High Mowing Farm Bridge, Wilmington

The closest covered bridge to Wilmington is also one of the newest “authentic” covered bridges in southern Vermont. Even though it was only built in 1949 – more than 60 years after most of the rest on our list – the High Mowing Farm Bridge still uses traditional construction methods, most importantly the signature trusses that make a covered bridge authentic. This bridge crosses the small Stowe Creek and measures just 21 feet long. Note that the bridge lies on private land, meaning you can’t drive across it. That said, it is easily viewed from the road and there is plenty of parking on the shoulder, making this a great place to begin your Vermont covered bridge tour.

Green River Bridge, Guilford

This bridge outside of Guilford provides a 104-foot span across the Green River in southern Vermont. Open to the public and vehicular traffic, the Green River Bridge is an excellent example of historic town lattice truss construction. The bridge was originally built in 1870 by Marcus Worden, and today the bridge is owned and preserved by the town of Guilford. Interestingly, the bridge also houses a number of the town’s mailboxes, which you can see held between the trusses inside the bridge.

Creamery Bridge, Brattleboro

Though it isn’t open to vehicles, the Creamery Bridge in Brattleboro is one of the most beautiful examples of a covered bridge in Vermont. The Creamery Bridge is approximately 80 feet long and 16 feet wide, and it was built in 1879 by the town of Brattleboro. Today it is the town’s only remaining covered bridge, giving it a special significance to the town and to visitors alike. You may enjoy following the footpath across the Creamery Bridge and down to Living Memorial park, Brattleboro’s largest park and home to several bike trails and a public swimming pool.

Dummerston Bridge, Dummerston

Dummerston Covered Bridge in VermontIf you’re only going to see one covered bridge in Vermont, this isn’t a bad choice. The longest drivable covered bridge in the state at 280 feet in length, the Dummerson Bridge is a remarkable achievement in engineering and preservation. The bridge was originally built in 1872, and it has not been significantly altered in the 140 years since. This Vermont covered bridge is definitely a must-see for any enthusiast.

Henry, Silk, and Paper Mill Bridges, Bennington

Our final covered bridge is actually three – the Henry Bridge, Silk Bridge, and Paper Mill Bridge in Bennington, Vermont. All three of these Vermont covered bridges are sterling examples, in part because the town recently rebuilt all three. Each bridge, though, is interesting in its own right. The Henry Bridge, for instance, was widely known to be the strongest covered bridge in Vermont due to its double-truss construction, while the Silk Bridge is one of the oldest in the state with its original construction in 1840. If you want to see a variety of bridges in a short time, the three Bennington bridges are a perfect way to do just that.

Another benefit of these covered bridges in southern Vermont is they are just a short drive away from the comfortable and spacious Vermont rental houses at Chimney Hill. Located just outside Wilmington, you’ll find it easy to get to all the bridges and have plenty of time for pictures and sightseeing too!

Southern Vermont Day Trips: Things to Do in Bennington, VT

History and scenery combine to make Bennington a quintessential American town. It's a great lunch stop on the way to Wilmington from New York, and if you haven't ventured down into the valley for a longer day trip there, we highly recommend it. There are plenty of things to do in Bennington, with attractions ranging from arts and history to shopping and drinks. Explore some of the best this southern Vermont town has to offer below.
Bennington Monument Vermont

The Bennington Museum

This classic Bennington, VT, attraction is one of the best places to learn about the history and culture of southern Vermont. The Bennington Museum features regional artwork, historical artifacts, and diverse special exhibits which highlight the many facets of Vermont and New England. You'll experience the history and beauty of this region over time and from many viewpoints through the collections housed in this historic museum. 

The Bennington Battle Monument

Commemorating one of the pivotal battles of the Revolutionary War, the Bennington Battle Monument stands as Vermont's tallest mandmade structure. At 306 feet, it offers stunning views of historic Bennington and the surrounding countryside — on a clear day, you can see to both New Hampshire and New York with ease. You'll also find a number of statues and other historic monuments in the surrounding park, making this a prime educational and cultural opportunity.

The Oldcastle Theatre Company

Whether you want to experience a unique-to-Vermont performance or simply need a night out, the Oldcastle Theatre Company has what you're looking for. Featuring many special productions and premieres during its summer and winter seasons, the Oldcastle Theatre Company stands as one of Bennington's oldest and most popular playhouses, and also as one of the best places to see a play in southern Vermont.

Bennington VT welcome sign The Shops at Camelot Village

Shopping is an American pastime, and it's no different here in Bennington. You'll find some of the best shopping in southern Vermont at the Shops at Camelot Village, a diverse and exciting shopping area in the heart of Bennington. Of special note is the Artisan Gallery, which features artworks and artisanal products from Bennington's own; and the Antique Center, a sprawling 25,000-square-foot antique market hosting more than 200 dealers. The Shops at Camelot Village are a perfect place to find gifts, souvenirs, and furnishings for your own home. 

Madison Brewing Company

After a long day of touring the town, you might want nothing more than a cold beer and some good food. You can find both at the Madison Brewing Company, a microbrewery and pub-style restaurant featuring six unique and delicious brews. The Madison Brewing Company has been a local favorite for more than 20 years, and once you stop in you'll see why. 
Your day trip to Bennington doesn't have to last just one day. Come back again tomorrow after staying in your own Vermont rental home at Chimney Hill. With comfortable amenities and a convenient location, your day trip might end up lasting a week. 


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