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Top 5 Fall Drinks for Vermont Foliage Season

Looking for a way to beat that fall chill? These five fall drinks are a great way to enjoy the taste and smell of fall in Vermont no matter where you are. From delicious hard ciders to sweet fruit wines to captivating cocktails, there's a fall drink here for every palate. Try them all (responsibly) this fall — here's to Vermont foliage season!

Fall Drinks - Vermont Hard Cider from Whetstone Ciderworks

Photo: Whetstone Ciderworks, Marlboro, Vermont

Vermont Hard Cider

Apple cider is one of those quintessential fall drinks, and hard cider the perfect "adult" alternative. Among the many local Vermont breweries producing hard cider, one of our favorites is Whetstone Ciderworks, whose artisanal hard ciders are made exclusively from locally sourced apples and produced on a traditional rack and cloth press for extreme purity and quality. Their several varieties each have their own appeal, from the dark and dry Kingston Black to the crisp Orchard King.

Apple Cider Cocktails

Nearly every orchard in southern Vermont sells their own apple cider during fall. But this ubiquitous fall drink isn't just delicious on its own — mix it up to create a wide range of delicious fall cocktails. Here are a few cider cocktails from Real Simple to get you started, but there are plenty more out there. We challenge you to invent your own. 

Vermont Maple Liqueurs

Spring might be sugaring season, but maple also makes a perfect addition to many fall drinks. Maple blends from Brattleboro's Saxton's River Distillery are perfect for mixing or sipping straight: their Sapling family, which inclues maple liqueur, maple bourbon and maple rye offers delicious and unique beverages you won't encounter anywhere else. Unlike maple liqueurs from major distilleries, these Vermont drinks are blended in small batches by hand.

Hermit Thrush Brattlebeer - Perfect Fall Drink for Vermont Foliage SeasonBrattlebeer from Hermit Thrush Brewery

Hermit Thrush Brewery is one of Vermont's most creative microbrewers, and Brattlebeer stands as testament to that fact. A combination of Belgian-style sour ale and apple cider, Brattlebeer is a distinctive and delicious drink that is perfect for fall in Vermont. Enjoy it alongside some local cheeses or fruits or simply drink it on its own.

Local Vermont Wines

Say "winery" and most people think of rolling Tuscan hills or sprawling California vineyards. However, Vermont's Putney Mountain Winery and Whaleback Vineyard might make you think twice about that preconception. These two wineries produce an amazing variety of wines and fruit wines that make perfect fall drinks. From Putney's Simply Pear and Rhubarb Blush to Whaleback's Frontenac Gris- Rosé and Vermont Apple Ice wine, there is a Vermont wine for every meal or occasion. Pair a few bottles along with some Vermont cheese and have a fall wine tasting at home.

Whether you're mixing a cocktail or sipping a cider, these Vermont fall drinks are a great way to enjoy the taste of fall at home. Mix them all up in your Chimney Hill rental's kitchen, sit back, and enjoy the scenery of the Green Mountains.


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