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Landscape Committee

Southern Vermont Shade Perennials List

Southern Vermont Sun Perennials List

Southern Vermont Shade Annual List

Southern Vermont Sun Annual List

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Southern Vermont 15 Deer-Resistant Plants


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Chimney Hill Owners Association

Landscape Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 18, 2019


The Committee met at the Chimney Hill Clubhouse. Jane Cary, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:06 a.m.  The following Committee members attended: Elaine Ahnell, Gene Clark, Diana Gould, Pam Massey, Margarita Mayo, and Anne Saracino.


Those present approved the minutes of the previous meeting on September 15, 2018.


Fall 2018 Planting

A work party planted 95 spring-blooming bulbs at the Clubhouse and the CH Office on October 27.  The display of flowers at the office is quite spectacular.  We expect that the bulbs planted at the Clubhouse will bloom in time for Annual Meeting.

The chrysanthemums planted in the kiosks were nipped by an early frost.  We propose to plant mums again this coming fall, but, if frost is predicted, they could be covered with old blankets to protect them.  Pumpkins are a nice addition to the fall display.  Elaine suggests including a few white birch logs to the arrangement.  In early fall, she will demonstrate how to install them.  Artificial pumpkins are another possibility.

Spring Plants for Kiosks

Following is a list of plants needed for each kiosk:

Diana & Pam

5 Dragon Wing Begonias

5 Non-Stop Begonias (mixed colors)

4 Million Bells (mixed colors)

4 Bacopa (white)

4 Coleus

Margarita & Sharron

4 Dragon Wing Begonias

2 Coleus

2 Non-Stop Begonias

2 Sun Patiens


1 6-pack Giant Marigolds

3 Salvia “Wendy”

3 Geranium (pink)

2 Sweet Potato Vines or Lysimachia


3 Dragon Wing Begonias

3 Million Bells (yellow)

3 Geranium (pink or magenta)


6 Dragon Wing Begonias

2 Million Bells (orange)

3 Supertunia

2 Lysimachia

1 Mandaville


9 Dragon Wing Begonias (pink)

9 Non-Stop Begonias (not white)

6 Million Bells

6 Sweet Potato Vines (green)


4 Salvia “Wendy”

3 Sweet Potato Vines (green)

1 6-pack Giant Marigolds

4 Supertunia or Non-Stop Begonia


5 Lantana (yellow)

2 Dragon Wing Begonias

4 Supertunia (red or deep purple)

2 Supertunia (white)

A few Committee members will meet at Rashed’s next week to collect the plants and bring them back to Chimney Hill.  Our goal is to plant the kiosks by Friday, May 24, in time for Memorial Day weekend and Annual Meeting.

Website Update

The plant lists included as reference materials on our Landscape web page have been finalized.  We suggest adding a list of deer-resistant plants.  Pam will work with Wendy on this.


We will not organize a plant giveaway for Annual Meeting this year because plants simply are not available due to the unseasonably chilly weather.

If the Clubhouse/Recreation Committee sponsors a CHOA Tag Sale this summer, the Landscape Committee will set up a table to sell plants contributed by our members.  We are awaiting the date of the Tag Sale.

Betsey Meyer again gave a generous gift of $100 to the Landscape Committee.  We considered the best use of the money and decided to purchase a Hydrangea “Vanilla Strawberry” for the Birchwood Flagpole area.  Jane will ask Cheryl Rusin, CH Gardener, to buy and plant the hydrangea.

Committee members would like to do another tour of our own gardens this summer, which would include a maximum of six gardens.  We will pick out a date for the tour at our next meeting.

As to an educational seminar series, we considered a talk by Mary Pike Sprenger who tends the eye-catching barrel containers in town.  Jane will call her to see if we can schedule a session for CH owners and Committee members on a Saturday afternoon at 4:00 in July.


We have learned that the Clubhouse/Recreation Committee plans to landscape around the Ice Rink this summer.  We wonder what the purpose of the plantings will be, who will do the planting, and what kinds of plants and trees will be involved.  We suggest that the Landscape Committee should be consulted.  Diana will discuss this with ED Ken Spicer.

NEXT MEETING:  Saturday, June 8 at the Clubhouse. 9 a.m.

ADJOURNMENT:  10:35 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Massey

Click here to print minutes



SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 2019                                              

CHOA CLUBHOUSE                                         

 9:00 A.M.                                                           



Approval of Minutes from May 18, 2019


1. Recap, kiosk planting process

2. Betsy Meyer gift update - hydrangea

3. Ice Rink planting update

4. Landscape Cte. web page update

5. “Barrel” seminar status

6. Garden tour: our gardens


Weeding around Clubhouse beds



Click here to print agenda


Objective of the CHOA Landscape Committee, 2010
(updated 2018)

Our objective is to ensure that the public areas of the Chimney Hill community are
carefully maintained and, as necessary and feasible, enhanced by shrubs, trees, and
colorful plantings, pleasant to the eye, and an invaluable contribution toward the
increase in property values.

In order to meet this objective, we must:
❖ Meet regularly to discuss and address Committee members’ and CHOA members’
specific concerns;
❖ Oversee the work of the contracted CHOA Gardener and provide input; assist the
Gardener when feasible to save on costs;
❖ Provide education to the Chimney Hill community on
a) How to plant and maintain attractive properties;
b) Appreciation of the wildlife and vegetation on our lands by presenting
workshops and nature-oriented events;
c) Update our website with pertinent articles and reference works; contribute
comments and advice to the e-newsletter

Click here to print objective

Activities of Interest 

Grow a Waterfall and other New Perennials

June 29 - 30, 2019           all day

The new perennials at the Boyd Family Farm are breathtaking, adventuresome, hardy and any of them would be a colorful addition to your garden.  Let us share with you some of the new textures and colors now available to plant enthusiasts! Our Vermont Grown plants are as hardy as the hills! Take home a living souvenir and remember your time in Vermont for years to come! 125 East Dover Road Wilmington, VT. www.boydfamilyfarm.com (802) 464-5618

Rock Garden and Stepable Selections

July 20 - 21,   2019                 9 - 10 AM

Stone Walls, Steps and Walkways are picturesque Vermont with patios of marble; stone and brick gracing the landscapes of many homes as well.  How to show off the workmanship and enhance the look with a country elegance that’s all natural!  Stepables are a group of low growing plant material designed to tolerate traffic and hold up to our harsh winters!  They are fun to walk on and can help keep stonework weed free! Join us in the shade garden at The Boyd Family Farm, 125 East Dover Road, Wilmington, VT www.boydfamilyfarm.com (802) 464-5618

18th Annual Garden Tour

July 20 - 21, 2019            10 AM - 3 PM

Westminster Cares will hold its 18th Annual Garden Tour which will feature the gardens of internationally known garden designers Gordon and Mary Hayward, Cyndy Fine's "Kismet" Garden and more. Tickets will be on sale in mid-May. Call 802-722-3607 or email wecares@sover.net.  www.westminstercares.org

Plants that Make a Statement in a Shady Spot!

August 3 - 4, 2019          all day

Join us at the Boyd Family Farm for this free workshop. Learn how to incorporate shade plants with color into the Vermont landscape or tree line. Cimicifuga, Hosta, Heuchera and Ligularia can’t be ignored as they positively command attention! 125 East Dover Road, Wilmington, VT (802) 464-5618

Outdoor Photo Site with Fall Color

September 28 - 29, 2019              all day

The Boyd Family Farm hillside panorama celebrates the colors of the season! Potted Mums, Ornamental Cabbage & Hay Bales available for Fall decorating. Bring your friends and your cameras.   East Dover Road, Wilmington, VT   www.boydfamilyfarm.com   (802) 464-5618

John Deere Fever & Vermont Products

October 5 - 6, 2019                       all day

Great fun for all ages!  Check out farm tractors of all sizes on display at the Boyd Family Farm!  Pick out the perfect fall decorations. Place your Holiday Wreath, Centerpiece & Tree Order! 125 East Dover Road, Wilmington, VT  www.boydfamilyfarm.com   (802) 464-5618                

  • P.O. BOX 415, 9 Haystack Road, Wilmington VT 05363