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Chimney Hill Owners Association

Landscape Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


The Committee met at the Chimney Hill Clubhouse. Jane Cary, Chair, called the meeting to order at 11:06 a.m.  The following Committee members attended: Elaine Ahnell, Marguerite Babor, Carlotta Gladding, Leon Gortler, Selma Gortler, Sharron Heberlein, Diana Gould, Pam Massey, Margarita Mayo, and Anne Saracino.


Those present approved the minutes of the previous meeting on June 8, 2019.


Hydrangea for Birchwood Flagpole Area

As part of the effort to expand or improve the Birchwood Flagpole Garden, CH Gardener Cheryl Rusin is looking for a reasonably priced Hydrangea “Strawberry Vanilla.” Jane asked Committee members to identify the best spot for it and notify her of their suggestions.

Kiosk condition

The kiosks look “fantastic”!  They all need watering.  Jane asked if anyone is watering Carol Sewall’s kiosk while she is away until July 23. Diana will check with Tanya Sparano.  Elaine’s kiosk will need watering from July 27 – August 11.  Diana and Pam will water Yukari Saegusa’s kiosk in her absence.

Carlotta and Elaine noted that a few new plants have been stolen from kiosks and advised us to keep an eye on our plants.

Keith Herbert offered to trim trees and shrubs around the kiosks, should any Committee member need that kind of help.

As to fertilizing our kiosks, Elaine recommends Miracle-Gro over MooDoo.

Weeding and mulching; new projects

Volunteers are needed to weed the CH Office border, as well as borders at the Clubhouse.

Garden Tour, Saturday, July 20, 10:00 a.m. - !2:00 p.m.

Leon and Selma, Elaine, Diana and Pam, Anne, and Jane offered to include their gardens in the tour.  The tour will be open to CH owners and their guests.  The tour will be announced on the CH Facebook page and in the weekly e-newsletter.  Participants will meet at 9:45 a.m. in the parking lot by the Birchwood tennis courts to carpool to the various sites.


The Carys participated in the CH Tag Sale on July 6.  Jane reported that some attendees at the sale inquired about plants.  That suggests there might be sufficient interest to warrant having a Landscape Committee table at next year’s event.  Whether or not we participate will depend on the availability of Committee members to supply plants and staff the table.

Diana asked whether we were ready to plan for planting daffodils and tulips in the fall at the Clubhouse and CH Office borders.  It will be necessary to replenish current plantings, which may have been damaged by winter weather and varmints.  White Flower Farm is offering favorable prices.

Diana suggested taking a new approach to Landscape Committee meetings by including educational videos as part of our sessions.  Committee members agreed that this could raise interest and participation.  Suggested topics:  Weed identification, shrubbery pruning, and famous gardens.  Further research on relevant TED Talks, YouTube videos, etc., is needed.


The safety of our wildlife depends on drivers observing speed limits on Chimney Hill roads.  We suggest attaching a sign to the bottom of the “Drive Leisurely” sign at Chimney Hill Road and Haystack Road, which would read “Slow down for wildlife!”  Additionally, reminders to residents could be posted in the e-newsletter each week.  Jane and Diana will bring this up at the next CH Board meeting.

At least one unsightly dead pine tree on Chimney Hill Road opposite the Clubhouse exit  needs to be removed by Maintenance, or perhaps the Town.

Regarding recruiting new Committee members, new homeowner Stacy Gann Ling was mentioned.  She writes a gardening blog called BricksnBlooms. Jane will invite her on the garden tour.

CH residents need to be reminded to keep their dogs on leashes, both for the safety of the pets and that of native wildlife.  A note in the e-newsletter should address this.

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, August 14, 11:00 a.m., Clubhouse

ADJOURNMENT:  12:23 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Massey

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WEDNESDAY, August 14, 2019


11:00 A.M.




Approval of Minutes from July 10, 2019


1.       Hydrangea update: Birchwood flagpole

2.       Kiosk condition?

3.   Garden tour feedback

4.   Fall planting plans

5.   Wildlife speeding sign




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Objective of the CHOA Landscape Committee, 2010
(updated 2018)

Our objective is to ensure that the public areas of the Chimney Hill community are
carefully maintained and, as necessary and feasible, enhanced by shrubs, trees, and
colorful plantings, pleasant to the eye, and an invaluable contribution toward the
increase in property values.

In order to meet this objective, we must:
❖ Meet regularly to discuss and address Committee members’ and CHOA members’
specific concerns;
❖ Oversee the work of the contracted CHOA Gardener and provide input; assist the
Gardener when feasible to save on costs;
❖ Provide education to the Chimney Hill community on
a) How to plant and maintain attractive properties;
b) Appreciation of the wildlife and vegetation on our lands by presenting
workshops and nature-oriented events;
c) Update our website with pertinent articles and reference works; contribute
comments and advice to the e-newsletter

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Activities of Interest 

Outdoor Photo Site with Fall Color

September 28 - 29, 2019              all day

The Boyd Family Farm hillside panorama celebrates the colors of the season! Potted Mums, Ornamental Cabbage & Hay Bales available for Fall decorating. Bring your friends and your cameras.   East Dover Road, Wilmington, VT   www.boydfamilyfarm.com   (802) 464-5618

John Deere Fever & Vermont Products

October 5 - 6, 2019                       all day

Great fun for all ages!  Check out farm tractors of all sizes on display at the Boyd Family Farm!  Pick out the perfect fall decorations. Place your Holiday Wreath, Centerpiece & Tree Order! 125 East Dover Road, Wilmington, VT  www.boydfamilyfarm.com   (802) 464-5618                

  • P.O. BOX 415, 9 Haystack Road, Wilmington VT 05363