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Landscape Committee

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Chimney Hill Owners Association

Landscape Committee Meeting

Sunday, May 17, 2020


The Committee met via conference phone due to the COVID-inspired ban on gatherings. Jane Cary, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.  The following Committee members participated: Elaine Ahnell, Kathleen Comeau, Carlotta Gladding, Leon and Selma Gortler, Diana Gould, Sharron Heberlein, Pam Massey, Margarita Mayo, Yukari Saegusa, Anne Saracino, and Carol Sewell.


Those participating approved the minutes of the previous meeting on September 21, 2019.


Condition of kiosks and other garden beds

All agreed that we had a beautiful, long-lasting display of chrysanthemums last fall.  Carlotta reminded us to be sure to take out the mums before the first frost or snowfall this year to avoid unsightly and difficult-to-remove debris.

Spring plants for kiosks

Jane requested that the kiosks be planted in time for the Memorial Day weekend.  She will order plants from Rashed’s Garden Center on May 18.  Jane, Anne, Kathleen, Pam, Diana, and Elaine will meet at Rashed’s at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 21 to collect the plants. (Please see attached Jane’s lists of plants by type and kiosk.) All who planted last year agreed to again this year.

Green-Up Day

Vermont’s Green-Up Day has been postponed to May 30 due to COVID-19 concerns.  Committee members are urged to participate.  ED Ken Spicer will notify all CHOA members as well, in hopes that we will have a good turnout.  He will ensure that Green-Up bags are available at the office.

Annual Meeting

This year’s annual meeting has been postponed to August 8 (or possibly August 1) due to COVID-19.  Once in the past, Committee members made plants available to attendees of Annual Meeting as a public relations effort to encourage attractive maintenance of our properties.  The later date is certainly more favorable for providing plants and we will consider doing this again this year.


  • Elaine recommends adding Miracle-Gro Potting Soil to the dirt in our kiosks for stronger plants with more abundant blooms.
  • We tabled for the moment the possibility of organizing field trips and garden tours for Committee members and the CHOA community due to COVID gathering restrictions.However, we will keep these in mind should opportunities arise and conditions become more favorable.
  • The bulbs planted last fall at the Clubhouse and Office are blooming nicely.Anne suggested that we might take photos for Ken to put in an upcoming issue of the CHOA e-newsletter. Diana reminded us that the gardens at the Office and Clubhouse will need cleanup after the bulbs have finished blooming.We will put this on the agenda for our next meeting.


Discussion continues regarding the status of the burn pile at Chimney Hill and Binney Brook Roads.  CHOA Board members and others feel that the present site is inappropriate. The pile is unsightly and, when burning, produces offensive smoke and ashes.  The Maintenance Department has been tasked with designating a suitable location at which CHOA members may deposit their garden refuse.  Maintenance could pick up owners’ refuse for a fee.  Procedures will be established by the Board and published in the e-newsletter.

NEXT MEETING:  Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.  The meeting will be held outside at the Clubhouse OR by telephone conference, depending on the prevailing conditions.

ADJOURNMENT:  10:25 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Massey

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Carol Sewall’s yard - 160 East Brook Crossing

In case of rain: conference phone

10:00 AM



Approval of Minutes from Sunday, May 17, 2020


          1. Tour - Carol Sewall’s gardens

          2. Kiosks and other beds

          3. Green Up Day

          4. Burn pile update


1. Mungo pines

2. Weeding at Clubhouse?



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Objective of the CHOA Landscape Committee, 2010
(updated 2018)

Our objective is to ensure that the public areas of the Chimney Hill community are
carefully maintained and, as necessary and feasible, enhanced by shrubs, trees, and
colorful plantings, pleasant to the eye, and an invaluable contribution toward the
increase in property values.

In order to meet this objective, we must:
❖ Meet regularly to discuss and address Committee members’ and CHOA members’
specific concerns;
❖ Oversee the work of the contracted CHOA Gardener and provide input; assist the
Gardener when feasible to save on costs;
❖ Provide education to the Chimney Hill community on
a) How to plant and maintain attractive properties;
b) Appreciation of the wildlife and vegetation on our lands by presenting
workshops and nature-oriented events;
c) Update our website with pertinent articles and reference works; contribute
comments and advice to the e-newsletter

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Activities of Interest 

  • P.O. BOX 415, 9 Haystack Road, Wilmington VT 05363