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Movies in West Dover

Location:  4 Mountain Park Plaza, W. Dover, VT

Southern Vermont Natural History Museum

Location:  7599 VT. Rte. 9, W. Marlboro, VT

The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum fosters an interest in nature, the environment and the natural sciences through exhibition and educational activities. The museum displays one of New England's largest collections of native species along with live animal exhibits, ecology, geology and natural history exhibits. With nearby access to over 600 protected acres of hiking trails, the family fun and adventure can continue outside year-round.

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center

Location:  10 Vernon St., Brattleboro, VT

Bennington Museum

Location:  75 Main St., Bennington, VT

Mass Moca:  Museum of Contemporary Art

Location:  87 Marshall St., N. Adams, MA

Sterling & Clark Art Institute

Location:  225 South St., Williamstown, MA

The Hunt

A scavenger hunt and adventure that will have you exploring Vermont’s outdoor environment, history, and its cheeses!

We have divided Vermont into six regions and created a Hunt Clue Packet (i.e. things to do and find) for each region.  Each Hunt Clue Packet has its own instructions on what you need to do to complete it.  For example – most tell you that you need to complete five out of the possible eight to ten available tasks/puzzles to complete your packet.  Once you complete a clue packet per its instructions, you’ll just need to submit your “answers” to our upload site to complete The Hunt.

What are the clues like?  They vary.  One might have you exploring a local walking trail or cycling through a valley; another might have you picnicking in an apple orchard; another may have your visiting landmarks in the area.

You can start and finish your clue packet at any time.   As long as your "answers" are submitted by October 22nd, we will enter your name into our random prize drawings for boxes of artisan cheese shipped to your door, outdoor gear, accommodations gift certificates and more! guide


These are just a few of the events in our area. Visit our local chamber of commerce for a more comprehensive listing of area events or visit for statewide events.