Committee Chairs

2023 - 2024 Committee Chairs


Architectural Control - Gene Clark and  Kate Trinklein, Co-Chairs.

Budget/Audit/Insurance -  Keith Mears, Chair, Patricia McDonough, Vice-Chair.

Clubhouse/Recreation -  Brian Lynch and Kristen Wenger, Co-Chairs.

Landscape - Carol Sewall, Chair., Laura Powers, Vice Chair.


Legal - Keith Mears, Chair., Patricia McDonough, Vice Chair.

Long Range Planning -  Dennis Heberlein and Steven Boyce, Co-Chairs.

Maintenance  -  Gene Clark and  Dennis Heberlein, Co-Chairs.


Management Review - Kate Trinklein and Brian Lynch, Co-Chairs.

Nominations - Brian Lynch and Keith Mears, Co-Chairs.


Public Relations - Paul DiPietro, Kristen Wenger, Laura Powers, Tri-Chairs.

Real Estate/Rental Management -  Paul DiPietro, Chair.

Water Commission -  Paul DiPietro and Steven Boyce, Co-Chairs.