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ACC Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Gene Clark, Chair., at 8:00 AM at the Chimney Hill office in
Wilmington, VT, Saturday, September 1, 2018. In attendance were Jane Cary, Thomas Anderson,
James Bogard and Roy Schluter. Also present was Kenneth Spicer, Executive Director and Brian
Lynch, owner of # B-4 Valley View.

Upon a motion duly made, seconded, and approved by Gene Clark and Thomas Anderson (Jane
Cary, James Bogard and Roy Schluter abstained as they were not at the August 4, 2018 ACC
meeting), it was RESOLVED to accept the August 4, 2018 ACC minutes.

Ken Spicer, Executive Director, reviewed the recent letters for maintenance items that were
# 281 Old Witness Tree Lane, replacement of front deck railing and exterior of home touch up
staining, same color.
# 652 Twin Brook Road, exterior deck painting, same color.
# 902 Fawn Run, shingle roof replacement (same color).
# C-204 East Brook Crossing, interior renovations: installation of wood paneling in lower level
(currently unfinished), finish lower level bathroom (plumbing previously in place), replace spiral
staircase with traditional staircase.

New Business
             B-4 Valley View, request for the construction of a shed and variance.
The committee reviewed an application for a shed. The proposed shed placement indicates 21 feet
from the front property line requiring a variance of 19 feet from the 40 foot side setback requirement.
The owner of the property, Mr. Lynch, explained that the topography of the lot, wetness of the
property and location of the septic area prevents placing the shed in a location that meets the setback
requirement. Mr. Lynch explained that the location of the shed (behind the existing rubbish bin)
would not be visible from the road or neighbors’ view and would be more than 60 feet from Valley
View Road. After review and discussion the committee approved the shed pending the following:
1) Board approval of the setback variance.
Footnote: At the September 1, 2018 Board of Directors meeting the Board approved the variance
request as recommended by the ACC.

Old Business
All open permits were reviewed:
# 4 Pond Loop: Garage and Renovations – no activity.
# 134 Big Bend Loop: Addition – framing started
# 182 Big Bend Loop: Addition – Upon a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved it
was RESOLVED to issue a Certificate of Compliance for the addition at # 182 Big Bend Loop.
# 261/262 Fern Lane: House – foundation being backfilled.
# 531 Scattered Timber Road: Garage – foundation being poured.
# 595 Binney Brook Road: Screen room addition – coming along.
# 614 Howe’s Loop: Garage – no activity – issue with neighbor concerning property line and
variance (no permit has been issued).
# 645 Twin Brook Road: Deck addition – coming along.
# B-34 Beebe Road, Addition – no activity (letter was sent concerning expiration of permit on
August 31, 2018 – no response). Permit has expired and a letter will be sent to the owner indicating
# B-127 High Top Road, Garage – Upon a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously approved
it was RESOLVED to issue a Certificate of Compliance for the garage at # B-127 High Top Road.

Members Concerns/Other Business:
A letter will be sent to the owner of # 125 Chimney Hill Road for possible violations concerning
construction not originally approved. Also, the owner was notified in a previous letter to complete
the exterior painting of the home by mid-August, which was agreed to and has not been completed.

Next Meeting Date
To be determined.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kenneth Spicer, Secretary Pro Tem

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