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 Chimney Hill Owners Association

Landscape Committee Meeting

Saturday, September 21, 2019


The Committee met at the Chimney Hill Clubhouse. Jane Cary, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:32 a.m.  The following Committee members attended: Elaine Ahnell, Diana Gould, Sharron Heberlein, and Pam Massey.


Those present approved the minutes of the previous meeting on August 14, 2019.


Wildlife Speeding Signs Posted!

At the request of the Landscape Committee, ED Ken Spicer purchased and had installed three signs reading:  “Slow Down. Watch for Pedestrians and Wildlife.”  One more sign is available, should we determine a suitable location for it.

Elaine suggested that the sign at the intersection of Haystack and Chimney Hill Roads be moved further up Chimney Hill Road and away from the four existing signs. (See photo below.) Thus, the sign would have more impact and be less distracting to drivers who might try to read all signs as they pass by. Jane will speak to Ken about this.

Hydrangeas/Mugo Pines at Birchwood Flagpole Garden

CH Gardener Cheryl Rusin planted three Hydrangeas ‘Strawberry Vanilla’ behind the old Mugo Pines, which she pruned somewhat. Even so, the Committee agreed that the Mugo Pines, which have grown leggy over the years, should be taken out.  The hydrangeas should be moved forward and kept trimmed so they will not obscure the Chimney Hill sign.  Jane will discuss with Cheryl.

Fall Planting Plans

Diana ordered 100 bulbs (50 Empire tulips and 50 narcissus) to be planted at the Clubhouse Flagpole Garden and the Office Border.  She will notify the Committee when they arrive so that a planting party can be organized.

Diana will order chrysanthemums from Rashed’s for our kiosks as follows:

Diana & Pam:              8, in coral, purple and yellow

Carol:                           3

Yukari:                         5

Margarita & Sharron:  3, in deep red and purple

Tanya:                         4

Elaine:                         4, all yellow    

Carlotta:                      4

Jane & Anne:              12, no white or maroon

Maintenance staff will collect the mums from Rashed’s and deliver them to the office on or about October 1, where Committee members may pick them up and plant them well ahead of Columbus Day weekend.  Those who wish to buy pumpkins for their kiosks and want to be reimbursed may take their receipts to the Office.


Dead Trees

There are unsightly dead trees, one across from the Clubhouse exit and the other near the kiosk at Binney Brook and Chimney Hill Roads that should be removed.  We wonder if Keith Herbert might be asked to do the job.  Jane and Ken will discuss.

Burn Pile at Binney Brook and Chimney Hill Roads

Maintenance staff deposits branches, brush, and tree trunks at the burn pile.  Lately, landscapers and contractors have taken the liberty of dumping refuse there, as well.  They have been expressly prohibited from doing so.  However, the Committee believes that CH residents should be allowed to dispose of their garden clippings and branches at the burn pile.

NEXT MEETING:  The Committee will reconvene at a date TBD in the spring.

ADJOURNMENT:  10:17 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Massey

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SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2020

by conference phone

 9:30 A.M.



Approval of Minutes from Saturday, September 21, 2019


1.      Kiosk and other beds’ condition? Feedback on fall planting?

2. Spring plants for kiosks

            a. members’ caring for which kiosks, confirmed

            b. how many and what types of plants, confirmed

            c. dates for ordering and placing them in kiosks          

3. Green Up VT, May 30

4.  Plant donation at Annual Meeting? Anticipated late summer date.


Potential field trips and garden tours



Click here to print agenda


Objective of the CHOA Landscape Committee, 2010
(updated 2018)

Our objective is to ensure that the public areas of the Chimney Hill community are
carefully maintained and, as necessary and feasible, enhanced by shrubs, trees, and
colorful plantings, pleasant to the eye, and an invaluable contribution toward the
increase in property values.

In order to meet this objective, we must:
❖ Meet regularly to discuss and address Committee members’ and CHOA members’
specific concerns;
❖ Oversee the work of the contracted CHOA Gardener and provide input; assist the
Gardener when feasible to save on costs;
❖ Provide education to the Chimney Hill community on
a) How to plant and maintain attractive properties;
b) Appreciation of the wildlife and vegetation on our lands by presenting
workshops and nature-oriented events;
c) Update our website with pertinent articles and reference works; contribute
comments and advice to the e-newsletter

Click here to print objective

Activities of Interest 

  • P.O. BOX 415, 9 Haystack Road, Wilmington VT 05363