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Chimney Hill Owners Association

Landscape Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 14, 2022


The Committee met at the Chimney Hill Clubhouse. Jane Cary, Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.  The following Committee members attended: Roseann Adams, Elaine Ahnell, Kathleen Comeau, Carlotta Gladding, Diana Gould, Pam Massey, Anne Saracino, and Carol Sewall.


The minutes of the meeting of September 19, 2021 were previously approved via e-mail.


  1. ED James Walker updated and finalized Chimney Hill gardener Cheryl Rusin’s contract.  Jane noted that Cheryl has already mulched many kiosks, Clubhouse borders, and the Clubhouse flagpole garden.
  2. Fall ’21 kiosk planting:  we enjoyed a long fall season and installed chrysanthemums and other seasonal decorations earlier than usual with good results.
  3. Spring kiosk planting:  
  • Roseann will be the new caretaker of the Big Bend kiosk.
  • Last year’s new purchasing plan, which allowed caretakers to select and buy plants that best suited their particular location, worked out well, and, in fact, brought us in under budget.  We will continue the program this year.  Expense reports are available at the CH office and may be submitted with receipts for reimbursement for plant purchases.  A maximum of $55 per kiosk will be reimbursed.  Kiosks should be planted before Memorial Day weekend.
  • For the fall, however, we may still consider making one order of chrysanthemums for all kiosks from the vendor at the flea market.  We will need 40 to 42 mums (three to four per kiosk for the 11 kiosks).  Carlotta will inquire as to his prices for the fall.  

         4. Dog Park Subcommittee report:

  • The Subcommittee is surveying CH residents via the weekly e-mail blast to determine the level of interest in a dog park.  Results will be compiled after May 19.
  • The tentative location of the dog park will be near the Birchwood tennis courts.  The possibility of noise from the park, which could disturb nearby residents, must be taken into consideration before the location is finalized.
  • The proposed dog park would be closed during the winter months, i.e., active April through November.
  • The dog park would have two gates and separate areas for large dogs and small dogs.
  • Walpole Fencing offers the best pricing for such a project.

5.  Common land management:

  • We recommend that CHOA engage a forester to look at the common land on Chimney Hill and identify problems such as forest fire danger because of the large number of dead trees lying about the area; learn from the forester the best way to deal with problem trees on common land.
  • Determine if there are grants for clean up and maintenance of the common land.


    Potential field trips and garden tours:

  • Deerfield Valley Rotary’s Garden and Live Music Tour takes place on July 16, 2022.
  • Southern Vermont Natural History Museum, located at the Hogback Mountain Scenic Overlook, offers tours and lectures. See their website at and perhaps subscribe to their newsletter The Museum Chronicles.
  • Look into garden tours in Bennington.
  • Schedule the Landscape Committee’s “Sip & Dig” event in July.


Carlotta reports that the area in and around her property still needs cleaning up after extensive gravel- and mud-slides. She asks for volunteers to help in the process.  She emphasizes that Chimney Hill’s drainage ditches need to be cleared of leaves and debris regularly to protect individual properties.

Carlotta will be away in June and needs back-up help in watering her kiosk.

Recently, the University of Vermont Extension presented an informative Zoom workshop on jumping worms. An invasive species from Asia, the jumping worm was allegedly introduced to Vermont in bagged mulch sold by Walmart.


Landscape Committee meeting:  Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. at the Chimney Hill Clubhouse

“Sip & Dig”:  July 23, 2022

ADJOURNMENT:  11:02 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Massey

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Objective of the CHOA Landscape Committee, 2010
(updated 2018)

Our objective is to ensure that the public areas of the Chimney Hill community are
carefully maintained and, as necessary and feasible, enhanced by shrubs, trees, and
colorful plantings, pleasant to the eye, and an invaluable contribution toward the
increase in property values.

In order to meet this objective, we must:
1)  Meet regularly to discuss and address Committee members’ and CHOA members’
specific concerns;
2)  Oversee the work of the contracted CHOA Gardener and provide input; assist the
Gardener when feasible to save on costs;
3)  Provide education to the Chimney Hill community on
a) How to plant and maintain attractive properties;
b) Appreciation of the wildlife and vegetation on our lands by presenting workshops and nature-oriented events;
c) Update our website with pertinent articles and reference works; contribute comments and advice to the e-newsletter

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