Snowmobiling at Chimney Hill


Following is a brief overview of snowmobile operation in Vermont and Chimney Hill. Please note that laws for the operation of snowmobiles in Vermont change periodically. For complete information concerning Vermont snowmobile laws, requirements, fines and penalties please visit the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) website:

For information on the local snowmobile club, Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers, please visit their website:

All snowmobiles used in the State of Vermont (and Chimney Hill) must have the following (violators are subject to fines per machine):

  • Current registration in any state or province
  • Trail maintenance assessment (TMA) decal
  • snowmobile club membership (the local club is the Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers).


Effective September 1, 2003 - all individuals operating a snowmobile, in Vermont on the statewide snowmobile trails system, shall have a liability insurance policy or bond in the amounts of at least $25,000 for one person and $50,000 for two or more persons killed or injured and $10,000 for damages to property in any one accident. In lieu thereof, evidence of self-insurance in the amount of $115,000 must be filed with the commissioner. You must carry proof of insurance and show it upon demand.

You will be fined for failure to carry required liability insurance and the fine is not inexpensive.

Vt. State registrations and/or VAST trail passes are available at Fat City Motor Worx which is located on Route 100 just north of the Route 9/Route 100 intersection in Wilmington, and Chamber of Commerce in Downtown Wilmington (Friday, Saturday and Sunday only). Please note that insurance is not available at these locations and must be obtained privately.

            All snowmobilers must be responsible riders

  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Obey posted signs.
  • Keep speed to a “reasonable” limit – Note that the maximum speed limit on State lands is 35 mph. Radar use on trails is becoming standard practice.
  • Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Do not litter the trail system (always take out more than you bring in).
  • has a tough “Snowmobiling While Intoxicated (SWI) Law which covers both drugs and alcohol. While you will be charged with SWI on the VAST trail system, intoxicated snowmobilers operating on a public highway (road) will be charged with a DWI resulting in points and drivers license suspension.

            All snowmobilers must observe the “curfew” system within the Deerfield Valley, 11:00 pm except:

You may only ride between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on trails noted below (this also applies to all Chimney Hill non-VAST trails)

  • Wm4 to downtown Wilmington
  • Chimney Hill VAST trail


  • By law, persons born after July 1, 1983 must complete a Vermont safety course for snowmobiling. Information can be obtained at the following web address: or
  • Children ages 12 – 16 cannot cross a town or state road/highway.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All snowmobilers must wear a helmet when riding on Chimney Hill and VAST trails.
  • Chimney Hill has emergency parking areas throughout the hill. These areas can be used for temporary snowmobile trailer parking; 48 hour maximum. The following emergency parking areas have direct access to the Chimney Hill and/or VAST trail system:Binney Brook Road emergency parking area and the Birchwood recreation area. Please park trailers to allow for plowing.

 You must notify the Chimney Hill office at (802) 464-2181 if you plan to use the temporary parking areas for more than 12 hours. Snowmobile trailer parking is not allowed at the Clubhouse parking lot or office parking lot.

  • Snowmobiling and snowmobiles are not permitted on the skating rink located in the Birchwood recreation area at any time, this area is clearly marked.
  • Although all trails in Chimney Hill are designated as multiple use (this includes the VAST portion) some areas and trails are for non-motorized use. These areas include a large portion of property bordered by Haystack Road and Route 9. These areas are clearly marked as non-motorized.

Violators of the above special notes will lose their rights to operate a snowmobile in Chimney Hill for one year.


The following roads and sections of roads have received approval from the Town of Wilmington to allow access to the VAST and/or Chimney Hill trail system, only.  Roads within Chimney Hill not specified below are prohibited for snowmobile use. Snowmobile speed must not exceed 10 MPH; you must travel on the right edge of the road (unless otherwise noted) as close to the snow bank as possible, you are not allowed to travel down the middle of the road. Disregard for these rules and regulations will result in reporting to the Wilmington Police Department. During heavy snowfalls please be advised that Town and Chimney Hill plow trucks are on the roads. We advise that you do not use roads during heavy snowfalls – don’t be stupid. Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.

The use of the following Town of Wilmington approved roads for snowmobiling are to be used for club members' access to the VAST and Chimney Hill trail systems.

  • Rock Split Way:  in its entirety. (For club members' access to trail system)
  • Upper Dam Road:  from Rock Split Way to the National Forest Trail Head Access.
  • Upper Dam Road: from Shincracker Way to new access trail at # 445 Splatter Foot Close. 
  • Splatter Foot Close: in its entirety to new access trail at # 445 Splatter Foot Close.
  • Twin Brook Roadfrom lot # 648 to Chimney Hill Road.
  • Beebe Road: from lot # B-34 to West Road.
  • West Road:  from Lot # B-30 to Birch Loop. 
  • Bullet Hole Road and K-Loop: from lot # 12 to Pond Loop.
  • Pond Loop: from Bullet Hole Road to CHOA Trail.  
  • Spruce Grove Road: from lot # 312 to Chimney Hill Trail. Snowmobiles must get onto the Chimney Hill Trail prior to Chimney Hill Road and will not utilize the intersection of Spruce Grove Road and Chimney Hill Road.
  • Town Farm Road: from Valley View to Haystack Road
  • Big Bend Loop:  from lot # 189 along road in a south westerly direction to the CHOA trail and from lot # 424 along road in a south easterly direction to Chimney Hill Road, (four feet from plowed portion of road) to CHOA trail. Note: use of North end Big Bend Loop corner is not permitted.
  • Low Land Loop: in its entirety to trail access across from Lot # C-200. Note: Intersection of Low Land Loop and East Brook Crossing is not permitted.
  • East Brook Crossing: from area just beyond access driveway for the Chimney Hill C-Section pump house to VAST trail head access and from C-201 to Open Meadow Lane to allow access to the trail to the Birchwood area.  This will prevent snowmobiles from using the intersection of East Brook Crossing and Low Land Loop.
  • Poplar Road:  for about 20 yards, from the trail to and across the 4-way to the power line.
  • North Road:  from the east corner of Corner Lane to West Road.
  • Chimney Hill Road from the entrance of the Chimney Hill Clubhouse parking lot to the trail near the Clubhouse exit driveway (prior to the intersection of Spruce Grove Road).

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